Film Production

Film leads us to many places of our lives. Aside from entertainment, actually film allows us to reflect upon ourselves. It lets us see the world.

A film will never be produced without the production team, management team, and so on. In fact, film making is such a big project that takes great involvement of many people. Film production is headed by the producer and executive producer. Under them are the director, manage and script supervisor. Sometimes, it is misunderstood that the director is the head of a film production but it is not.


Producers are mainly involved in getting everything possible. They call up for everyone and they make sure the film is finished as planned. Executive producers are typically in- charge of financing. An executive producer is usually a person who does have a financial interest in the film or they are the persons who gather money for the film. Managing the investors and financial partners is a very important responsibility for them. There are also line producer. They are the ones who run the set, work with production companies, manage the external relations of the set and stepping stone to film producer.

The director is the one in-charge of all creative things, the vision outcome and many more. Alongside with the director is the location manager and script supervisor. The location manager is ought to find all the locations where to film. He works also with the safety officers for the location. Meanwhile, the script supervisor is the one working with the director to see what scene is going to happen next. He also works closely with the camera men and sound department.

During the production, managing the relationships between the crews, making sure everybody is happy and communicating with each other are all important because all people involved, from the producer down to the casts, extend a helpful contribution to the production.