Learning the Different Types of Melody

In the music industry, the melody is king, not the chords, not the bass, and not the pluck sounds.  Don’t you know that there are different types of melodies? To compose a wonderful music that is good to the ear, there are five main aspects to consider the pitch, the dynamics, duration, tone and color and one of the most important aspects of the music to be in the success of tones or notes played is through the melody. The melody together with the tone, color, dynamics, duration, and pitch set the mood of the song.

Pathet is one type of melody that originated in Indonesia used in Gamelan music wherein gongs and chimes are more prominent in their music together with metallophones. There is also Gregorian Mode or “Church Mode” named after Pope Gregory 1 originated in the Catholic Church and become a dominant form of music during the medieval western and central European regions. Echo or the echoes melodic form, composed of groups of melody that are combined to formulate a whole melody Have your home be the best in service of cleaning. You may look for this site 淨麗美清潔服務 for more. See info more from here.

There is also color melodies, these are melodies that rely heavily on a groove that is often made up one or two notes and without chords, color melodies are intrinsically boring. There is also the direction melodies that is used more different notes and do not have clear pitch base that this type of melody is quite challenging to sing. Click and see this best cleaning company. Try to see info more from here. It is one of the great company that can truly let you home achieve best cleanliness.