Music Recording

Music recording is a bit challenging. But in the end, you will hear your efforts and sacrifices.

Music recording requires a lot of practices and pressures. It is helpful that you need to be flexible to manage the pressure and mature to accept criticisms. You cannot avoid people criticizing you but just go on. In order to be successful in your recording, firstly, do not expect to be good right away. Actually, it takes time to be good at. Do not think what others might think about you. It is just a matter of practice.

The following are some tips for music recording that you too can do.  Know your parts.   Do not waste your time and other’s effort. Figure out what you should do before entering the studio, not after entering the studio. The recording starts from pre-production to mixing to mastering. Pre-production is going to work on the song structure and arrangement, making sure it is building correctly. Editing some parts, adding some background music and so on produce a good recoding.

Make sure that there is no redlining or peaking which can cause unwanted distortion. Established the level for the drum and make sure that the transients are distinguishable on each track for easier editing. Then track the drum. An Elastic audio will help tighten up all the drum parts so the drummer’s hits will be dead on with the metronome.

Buy the best mics you can. This is one where you should spend your money much. It ultimately affects the sound and greatly impact your recording, making it a lot better. Also, editing out mic bleed will eliminate any extra noise and help unclutter the mix before starting. And, make sure the artist is comfortable with the mix while others are playing. Copying and pasting can help save a singer’s voice. This will take place during a long vocal session.

When recording, do not forget to consider open communication and coordination. Good unity brings a lot success of the recording, giving in opinions and ideas.

After everything in the pre-production process, proceed to mixing and mastering.