The Crazy Effects of Social Media in Our Brain

Social media are being prominent nowadays and are already part of our daily lives. Media plays a big influence in the society and influences our body as well. Media and the internet affect our brain, sometimes it will lead to psychological addiction that most people are unable to control their time spending on the internet. Brain scans of these people show a similar impairment that those who are drug dependence have that there is a clear degradation of white matter in the regions that is controlling the emotional process, attention and decision making.

With this, media provides immediate rewards with only little effort and the brain begins to rewire itself making you desire more simulations more and more. Studies show also that social media triggers a release of dopamine- the feel good chemical. Scientist found that the reward centers in people’s brain are much more active when they are talking about their own views, as opposed to listening to others that we love to talk about ourselves and conversations involve communicating our own experiences. This catering service will make all your favorite dishes. Check at this site to look more info. So good and nice to try on.

The same part of our brain is related to orgasms, motivation, and love is being motivated by the social media most especially when we have an audience. Online brings forth psychological reward to our body. Studies also show that partners tend to like each other more if they met each other online for the first time than to have a face to face interaction and have a future goal with successful partnership  here 餐盒推薦 than the partnership started via online. Will upload more educational posts soon.