Elements of a Musical Movie

If you are going to make a musical movie, what are the things that you have to consider in order to make a good one? Music itself has an element. Movie has its own element. Combine the elements of music and elements of movie to come up with the elements of a musical play. The elements of music refer to the tone, melody, pitch, dynamics, and texture. Let us see are other elements of a musical play.


First and foremost, script is needed.

Where does the script come from? It comes from a written story developed by writer. This script is the basis of the director of the film. Some say this is the plot.


This is one of the most tricky part since the costume has to match with the story. The director would have to understand well the plot of the story in order to produce a good result.


Director is needed. He is the boss and the outcome of the movie relies on him; from the creating of the script to the making of the costume.

The process of all the scenarios until the end of the movie.


This is now the final outcome of the movie. This time, everything is done and the movie is ready to watch. The product will either be good or bad, depending on movie critic, votes and rank.


Anyone watching the movie is an audience. Without the audience, the movie is meaningless. No one will appreciate the work of every participant in the movie making.